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Sustainable Local Food Systems

"Food system" is the general term used to describe the economic network of food production, processing, distribution, access, consumption, and resource/waste recovery.   For example, most of the food we eat in Angus is produced outside our county, from other parts of Scotland and abroad, so our Angus food system is not very local. 

sustainable local food system is an economic network in which food production, processing, distribution, access, consumption, and resource/waste recovery (composting) are tied to a geographic region, such as Angus.  The farms and allotments producing food typically, but not always, use sustainable and organic farming practices.  In a local food system, the food travels few miles within the system and creates local jobs.

Here at the Food Life, with your support, we are collaborating broadly to create new sustainable food systems.

What can we do about the food system?

Most people will agree that the food system is in crisis but the difficulty arises in how to make progress at an individual, business, community or government level.

If you dive into any part of the system there are successes and failures and when faced with well stocked shops, it can be difficult to see the impending crises of chemical agriculture, world starvation and obesity.

Some will look to more science with artificial meat, milk and GMO’s as the answer to enable the existing trends to continue while others believe we need the restoration of a people centred approach which puts technology to the service of people.

As a business or farmer or community we encourage you to keep your head on as a parent, family member, good citizen and consider what can be done to feed ourselves better. So it is no longer OK to prioritise the bottom line over the social impact;  just as important is the type of life we lead and what we bequeath to our children. We can fix this. But we have work to do to make it a reality. 

We think that breaking down barriers, understanding the others' perspective and keeping our "human" head on are all part of that work.

Please join us. 

Resources for Learning & Teaching

Angus & Scotland Resources

Food System Assessments, Reports and Studies

What's wrong with our Food System?

See Better Food Traders   who are working to change the food system 

A local, decentralised food system isn’t just good for consumers – it’s got big benefits for farmers and our environment as well  Read about Growing Communities who with New Economics Foundation have put a value of buying ethical just sustainable food.

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